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VTB Bank logo 25.11.21
VTB Bank

VTB has launched online and mobile acquiring services for businesses. Legal entities can remotely sign up for the service, track all acquiring transactions online and use analytics to evaluate the performance of retail outlets. Entrepreneurs can see statistics on the average receipt, the volume of customer spending at a point of sale per month, the distribut...
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IDGC of the North-West logo 25.11.21
IDGC of the North-West

Rosseti North-West's IFRS net income for 9M 2021 amounted to ₽924.233 million, up 3.1 times from ₽299.825 million in the previous year. Revenue increased 4.7% to ₽36.29 billion compared to ₽34.653 billion a year earlier.
XPeng logo 25.11.21

Xpeng plans to launch a robot cab service in the second half of 2022. The company is now looking for partners to equip its electric cars with autonomous driving systems, Xpeng founder He Xiaopeng said. By the end of October, its cars using XPILOT 3.0 driving assistance technology had already driven 11.98 million kilometers, according to the company.
Rushydro logo 25.11.21

RusHydro's IFRS net income for 9M 2021 was ₽52.443bn, down 13.3% from ₽60.471bn in the previous year. Revenue increased 6.4% to ₽294.443 billion compared to ₽276.767 billion a year earlier.
Rusagro logo 25.11.21

Agroholding Rusagro has officially announced the appointment of Timur Lipatov on January 1, 2022 to CEO of the company. The new CEO will focus on increasing the operational efficiency of the business by improving process efficiency, working with costs, developing the production culture and implementing a digitalization strategy. Prior to joining Rusagro, Lip...
Rosseti Moscow Region logo 25.11.21
Rosseti Moscow Region

Rosseti Moscow Region's IFRS net income for 9M 2021 was ₽14.889 billion, up 2.1 times from ₽7.153 billion in the previous year. Revenue increased 15.1% to ₽134.003 billion compared to ₽116.415 billion a year earlier.
Orange logo 25.11.21

Orange CEO Stéphane Richard is leaving his post. The transfer is to take place until January 31, 2022. Richard led the company for 11 years. The Board of Directors is searching for candidates for the position of Orange CEO.
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Rusagro logo 25.11.21

The new CEO of Rusagro on January 1, 2022 will be the former CEO of Power Machines Timur Lipatov, RBC sources said. Lipatov has already been working at Rusagro since September this year and is an advisor to the main owner of the agricultural holding Vadim Moshkovich. The current general director, Maxim Basov, said that the company will announce who will be t...
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BW Energy logo 25.11.21
BW Energy

BW Energy's IFRS loss in Q3 2021 was $10.3 million, up 51.5% from $6.8 million in the previous year. Revenue decreased by 37.6% to $23.9 million compared to $38.3 million a year earlier.
United Wagon Company RPC logo 25.11.21
United Wagon Company RPC

The United Wagon Company's structure, OVK Finance, has entered into a technical default on its series 01 bonds dated 2013. The company has no ₽16.34 billion for coupon payments to investors and redemption of bonds. Bank Trust, which acts as one of the main shareholders of OVK, is now developing a plan of anti-crisis measures to resolve the situation.
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