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Sistema logo 25.11.21

Medsi clinics chain, a part of Sistema JSFC, is planning to develop its network of SmartLab laboratories. The company opens today the first diagnostic center with the area of 2 thousand square meters on the basis of its clinic in the north of Moscow. The volume of investments in the project will exceed ₽400 million, and the capacity of the center will allow...
Mordovian Energy Supply Company logo 25.11.21
Mordovian Energy Supply Company

Shareholders of Mordovian Energy Supply Company approved a dividend of ₽0.023076 per common share from the undistributed net profit of previous years. The last day of purchase of securities to receive dividends is December 2, 2021. Dividend yield may amount to 4.79%.
Garmin logo 25.11.21

Garmin will move its stock listing from Nasdaq to the New York Stock Exchange. The company's shares will begin trading on the NYSE on December 7, 2021, under the former ticker GRMN.
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Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port logo 25.11.21
Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port

NCSP plans to build a new container terminal at the port of Novorossiysk to receive, process and store all types of maritime containers for further loading onto ships or delivery to the destination. The planned throughput capacity with the full development will be 1 million TEU. The company announced a tender to assess the feasibility of state, municipal and...
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Royal Dutch Shell logo 25.11.21
Royal Dutch Shell

Shell plans to build an aircraft biofuel plant in Singapore. The capacity of the proposed facility could be 550,000 tons per year. The plant will also be capable of producing renewable diesel fuel and biofuel feedstock for petrochemicals.
Blink Charging logo 25.11.21
Blink Charging

Blink Charging has opened a new office in India, which will become a key center for serving the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. The expansion of the business into new countries is part of a strategy to create a global network of charging stations for Blink electric vehicles. This network will consist of AC and DC chargers connected to a platform that s...
Inter RAO logo 25.11.21
Inter RAO

Inter RAO's net profit under IFRS for 9M 2021 was ₽77.566 billion, up 36.2% from ₽56.944 billion in the previous year. Revenue increased 19.4% to ₽851.27 billion compared to ₽713.048 billion a year earlier.
IDGC of Urals logo 25.11.21
IDGC of Urals

IDGC of Urals' IFRS net income for 9M 2021 was ₽5.44 bln, up 7 times from ₽0.756 bln in the previous year. Revenues increased 9.8% to ₽70.135 billion compared to ₽63.853 billion a year earlier.
Ozon Holdings logo 25.11.21
Ozon Holdings

Belarus and Kazakhstan starting in 2022 will begin to charge VAT on goods sold through Russian marketplaces. According to the Association of Internet Commerce Companies, the additional tax burden will amount to ₽3.6 billion in Kazakhstan and ₽3.8 billion in Belarus.
Tencent logo 25.11.21

Chinese authorities have required Tencent to submit any new apps or updates to existing software for review before releasing them. The move follows the discovery of data protection violations in a number of the company's products.
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