DirectLeasing is a leasing company that has been providing leasing services for all sectors of the Russian economy since 2006. The main subjects of leasing are Vehicles, Special Machinery, Equipment including Medical Equipment, and Real Estate.

DirectLeasing bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
DirectLeasing BO 001P-07 (RUB)300,000 pcs.86%13.30%
DirectLeasing BO 002P-02 (RUB)300,000 pcs.99.98%16.45%
DirectLeasing BO 002P-01 (RUB)200,000 pcs.89.67%9.65%
DirectLeasing BO 001P-06 (RUB)200,000 pcs.100.36%0.85%
DirectLeasing BO 001P-04 (RUB)100,000 pcs.99.99%0.03%
DirectLeasing BO-001P-03 (RUB)100,000 pcs.99.86%-0.02%
DirectLeasing BO 001P-05 (RUB)100,000 pcs.100.17%0.25%
General information
Company nameDirectLeasing
SectorFinancials / Diversified Financials / Diversified Financial Services / Specialized Finance
Business addressg. Moskva, Vsevolozhskiy per., d.2, str.2
Mailing address119034, g. Moskva, Vsevolozhskiy per., d.2, str.2
CEOBochkov Viktor Olegovich
Phone+7(495) 737-00-99 д.1313