Interleasing GC is a leasing company offering its services to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs throughout Russia. It works with enterprises of different specialization and provides SMEs with transport, machinery and equipment.

Interleasing bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
INTERLISING 001P-07 (RUB)4,500,000 pcs.102.05%7.76%
INTERLISING 001P-07 (RUB)4,500,000 pcs.100%-
INTERLISING 001P-06 (RUB)4,500,000 pcs.--
INTERLISING 001P-06 (RUB)4,500,000 pcs.100%-
INTERLISING 001P-07 (RUB)4,500,000 pcs.--
INTERLISING 001P-06 (RUB)4,500,000 pcs.96.73%11.48%
INTERLISING 001P-04 (RUB)3,500,000 pcs.98.19%7.80%
INTERLISING 001P-04 (RUB)3,500,000 pcs.--
INTERLISING 001P-05 (RUB)3,000,000 pcs.--
General information
Company nameInterleasing
SectorFinancials / Diversified Financials / Diversified Financial Services / Specialized Finance
Business addressSankt-Peterburg, Petrogradskaya nab., 36
Mailing address194044, g. Sankt-Peterburg, Pirogovskaya naberezhnaya, dom 17, korpus 1A, ofis 302