Aerofuels Group is one of the largest operators of airport refueling complexes (FFCs) in Russia, owns a network of 28 FFCs, organizes and provides aircraft fuel supply services in 30 airports - from Pskov to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Abroad Aero Fuels Group of companies organize aircraft fuel supply services on all continents, in 150 countries. Its customers include more than 100 leading Russian and foreign airlines.

Aerofuels bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
Aerofuels 002P-02 (RUB)1,400,000 pcs.96.07%13.47%
Aerofuels 001P-01 (RUB)1,000,000 pcs.99.84%-0.26%
Aerofuels 002P-01 (RUB)500,000 pcs.98.18%13.11%
General information
Company nameAerofuels
Business addressMoskva, ul. Flotskaya, d. 5KA, ofis 505
Mailing address125493, g. Moskva, ul. Flotskaya, d. 5KA, ofis 505