Russian Railways

Russian Railways provides a full range of services in areas such as freight transportation, locomotive traction and infrastructure, the repair of rolling stock, long-distance and commuter passenger transport, container shipping, logistics, engineering services and Research and Development, as well as other activities such as the implementation of large-scale projects for the construction of railways and the development of infrastructure abroad.

Russian Railways bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
RZD CAPITAL PLC 0.898 03/10/25 (RUB)---
RZD 001B-03 (RUB)100,000,000 pcs.99.59%-
RZD 001B-04 (RUB)80,000,000 pcs.99.5%-
RZD BO 001P-28R (RUB)45,000,000 pcs.100.44%14.48%
RZD BO 001P-29R (RUB)45,000,000 pcs.111.52%7.91%
RZD 001B-01 (RUB)30,000,000 pcs.88.85%-
RZD BO 001P-30R (RUB)30,000,000 pcs.100%10.68%
RZD BO 001P-27R (RUB)30,000,000 pcs.101%14.70%
RZD BO 001P-26R (RUB)30,000,000 pcs.101%14.10%
RZD BO 001P-16R (RUB)30,000,000 pcs.87.8%12.84%
General information
Company nameRussian Railways
SectorIndustrials / Transportation / Road & Rail / Railroads
Business address107174, g.Moskva, ul. Novaya Basmannaya, d.2
Mailing address107174, g.Moskva, ul. Novaya Basmannaya, d.2
CEOBelozerov Oleg Valentinovich
Phone(499) 262 10 02