Home Credit

HCF Bank (Home Credit Bank) is a Russian commercial bank, one of the leaders of the Russian consumer lending market.

Home Credit bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
HCF Bank BO-065,000,000 pcs.99.35%8.27%
HCF Bank BO-075,000,000 pcs.95%7.56%
HKF Bank OOO BO-044,000,000 pcs.95%8.50%
HC Finance LLC BO 001P-033,000,000 pcs.99.9%-0.04%
HC Finance LLC BO 001P-053,000,000 pcs.98.2%8.18%
HC Finance LLC BO 001P-043,000,000 pcs.99.22%7.79%
HC Finance LLC BO 001P-062,500,000 pcs.97%8.85%
HC Finance LLC BO 001P-022,000,000 pcs.100.05%0.09%
HC Finance LLC BO 001P-071,500,000 pcs.100%6.81%
HK Finans OOO BO P01-011,500,000 pcs.100.02%0.02%
General information
Company nameHome Credit
SectorFinancials / Diversified Financials / Consumer Finance / Consumer Finance
Business address125040, g. Moskva, ul. Pravdy, d. 8, korp. 1
Mailing address125040, g. Moskva, ul. Pravdy, d. 8, korp. 1
CEOAndresov Yuriy Nikolaevich
Phone785 82 25
Information disclosuree-disclosure.ru