Alfa Bank is the largest private bank in Russia, one of the five largest banks in Russia in terms of assets, according to the ratings of RBC and Forbes. According to Kommersant rating fifth bank in Russia in terms of assets (among private banks - first). It has around 800 branches and offices in more than 100 Russian cities. Its main office is in Moscow.

Alfa-Bank bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
ALFA-BANK 002P-1320,000,000 pcs.RUB 1006.26%
ALFA-BANK 002P-1215,000,000 pcs.RUB 95.138.71%
ALFA-BANK 002P-1012,000,000 pcs.RUB 94.318.47%
ALFA-BANK BO-4010,000,000 pcs.RUB 94.485.96%
ALFA-BANK BO 002P-0210,000,000 pcs.RUB 1000.10%
Alfa-Bank BO-0510,000,000 pcs.RUB 1001.07%
ALFA-BANK BO-3910,000,000 pcs.RUB 95.117.27%
ALFA-BANK 002P-1510,000,000 pcs.RUB 1006.10%
ALFA-BANK BO 002P-0410,000,000 pcs.RUB 100.20.16%
ALFA-BANK 002P-1610,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.798.33%
Alfa-Bank news
Alfa-Bank Group introduced a new investment application, Alfa Investments. The Bank announced the possibility to buy and sell shares and bonds of Russian and foreign companies, exchange currencies at the exchange rate and compile an investment portfolio. The application is already available on Google Play and App Store.
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General information
Company nameAlfa-Bank
SectorFinancials / Banks / Banks / Diversified Banks
Business address107078, g. Moskva, ul. Kalanchevskaya, 27
Mailing address107078, g. Moskva, ul. Kalanchevskaya, 27
CEOSokolov Andrey Borisovich
Phone(495) 783-53-87