GTLK is the largest leasing company in Russia. It leases air, water and rail transport, energy-efficient passenger transport, automobile and special equipment for domestic enterprises of the transport industry, and also carries out investment activities for the development of transport infrastructure in Russia.

GTLK bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
STLC BO 001P-1525,000,000 pcs.RUB 92.485.83%
GTLK BO-001P-0620,000,000 pcs.RUB 87.96.02%
GTLK (PAO) BO-0212,850,000 pcs.RUB 1000.01%
GTLK (PAO) BO-0111,250,000 pcs.RUB 1000.01%
STLC BO 001P-1310,000,000 pcs.RUB 96.728.71%
GTLK BO-001P-0310,000,000 pcs.RUB 1009.37%
GTLK BO-001P-0410,000,000 pcs.RUB 98.828.57%
STLC BO 001P-1010,000,000 pcs.RUB 1057.34%
STLC BO 001P-0810,000,000 pcs.RUB 1008.65%
GTLK BO 002P-0110,000,000 pcs.RUB 92.327.90%
General information
Company nameGTLK
SectorFinancials / Diversified Financials / Diversified Financial Services / Specialized Finance
Business address629008, Yamalo-Neneckiy avtonomnyy okrug, gorod Salehard, ul. Respubliki, dom 73, komnata 100
Mailing address125284, g. Moskva, Leningradskiy prospekt, dom 31a, str. 1
CEOPoluboyarinov Mihail Igorevich
Phone(495) 221-00-12