BCS World of Investments is a Russian group of companies engaged in financial activities. It is headquartered in Novosibirsk. BCS has more than 40 thousand active clients on the Moscow Stock Exchange, it ranks 4th by this indicator. National rating agency in 2020 gave the company the highest reliability and service quality rating "AAA".

BrokerCreditService bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
BCS Bank 001P-01 (RUB)500,000 pcs.92.28%14.32%
BCS SP Plc Series 9 (USD)240,000 pcs.--
BCS SP Plc Series 2019-3 (EUR)20,000 pcs.96%-25.52%
BCS SP Plc Series 27 (USD)16,000 pcs.100.32%0.41%
BCS SP Plc Series 48 (USD)15,920 pcs.80%233.32%
BCS SP Plc Series 33 (USD)15,770 pcs.101.1092%2.83%
BCS SP Plc Series 38 (USD)15,400 pcs.94%80.09%
BCS SP Plc Series 51 (RUB)12,000 pcs.68.05%455.09%
BCS SP Plc Series 2018-8 (RUB)10,000 pcs.91%-13.50%
BCS SP Plc Series 101 (EUR)10,000 pcs.65%-60.53%
General information
Company nameBrokerCreditService
SectorFinancials / Diversified Financials / Capital Markets / Investment Banking & Brokerage