Traded on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange
PJSC Sberbank is a state-owned Russian banking and financial services company headquartered in Moscow. Sberbank has operations in several European and post-Soviet countries. It is controlled by the Russian Federation.
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Number of periods: 6
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Loans to individuals: Car loans, billion ₽
Loans to individuals: Consumer and other loans, billion ₽
Loans to individuals: Credit cards and overdraft., billion ₽
Loans to individuals: Housing loans, billion ₽
Loans to legal entities: Commercial credit, billion ₽
Loans to legal entities: Project financing, billion ₽

Sberbank shares

TickerNameTypeNominal valueISINPrice
SBER:RMSberbankCommon shareRUB 3RU0009029540RUB 136.5
SBERP:RMSberbank PrefPreferred shareRUB 3RU0009029557RUB 131.4

Sberbank bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
Sberbank 001P-SBER105,000,000 pcs.100%2.70%
Sber 001P-SBER235,000,000 pcs.100%7.51%
SberIOS 001P-153R 5Y DEF 10%4,990,214 pcs.102.4%-1.24%
SberIOS 001P-146R 5Y ENTM 124,414,358 pcs.95.4%2.27%
SberIOS 001P-253R 5Y BTECH IND4,366,947 pcs.84.6%6.31%
Sberbank IOS 001P-84R4,346,248 pcs.103%1.19%
SberIOS 001P-160R 5Y ENTM 124,330,359 pcs.92.6%3.59%
SberIOS 001P-108R 1Y USDRUB RA4,267,941 pcs.100.97%0.43%
Sber 001P-SBER294,000,000 pcs.95.45%7.58%
SberIOS 001P-94R 1Y KR>={6.90}3,999,981 pcs.99.94%0.00%
Share capital structure of Sberbank
Sberbank news
Sberbank opened in Kazan the first office of partner, or Islamic, financing in Russia. Office will serve both retail and corporate clients. Among the products of partner financing: analog of mudaraba asset management, halal investment instruments, trade financing, bank guarantee, payment and current accounts, as well as cash and settlement services and other...
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Sberbank plans to technically integrate its blockchain platform with the DeFi ecosystem based on Ethereum. The integration will allow developers to freely transfer smart contracts and entire projects between the bank's blockchain network and open blockchain networks. It is also expected to provide interaction with the cryptocurrency wallet and NFT MetaMask,...
Ministry of Finance is discussing with Sberbank early repayment of part of crisis subordinated loans, sources told Frank Media. We are talking about the amount of ₽150 billion. Sberbank received subordinated loans of ₽500 billion from the Central Bank during the crisis of 2008-2009. And already in May 2010, it paid back ₽200 billion of that amount, but in Ju...
German Gref expects the growth of Sber mortgage portfolio by the end of 2022 by almost 16%, in 2023 - more than 9%. Previously, the first deputy chairman of the bank Kirill Tsarev reported that at the end of the year as a whole, the bank is expected to reduce the volume of mortgage loans by about 14% year-on-year.
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General information
Company nameSberbank
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SectorFinancials / Banks / Banks / Diversified Banks
Business addressRossiyskaya Federaciya, gorod Moskva
Mailing address117997 g. Moskva, ul. Vavilova, dom 19
CEOGref German Oskarovich
Phone(495) 957-57-21