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SPB Exchange is a Russian stock exchange that allows private investors to gain access to global markets. Today foreign and Russian securities, Eurobonds and securities of foreign issuers from CIS countries are available for transactions. It was founded in 1997 and is located in Moscow.
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SPBE:RMSPB ExchangeCommon shareRUB 3.75RU000A0JQ9P9RUB 80.2
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SPB Exchange news
SPB Exchange started preparations for the exchange of blocked assets of Russian investors in accordance with President Vladimir Putin's decree No. 844, which assumes that non-residents will be able to buy foreign securities from Russians with funds from C-type accounts. Trading platform lifted the ban on transferring securities between non-trading sections,...
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SPB Exchange is preparing to launch a number of new projects to be launched in early 2024, said Evgeny Serdyukov, CEO of the trading floor. Meanwhile, priority task remains the unblocking of client assets, the top manager noted. Strategy of their return will be formed in the near future, and the stages and approximate terms will be published on the official...
SPB Exchange determined the volume of foreign currency funds not subject to the restriction and distributed their funds among trading participants in proportion to the volume and type of foreign currencies held in their clearing accounts. Clients of SPB Exchange's clearing and settlement infrastructure now have access to funds in US dollars, Hong Kong dollar...
SPB Exchange's central counterparty, SPB Clearing, suspended execution of orders to withdraw cash from the accounts of trading participants. Central counterparty will not execute new orders of clearing participants for refund of funds, as well as for replacement of currency of funds accounted as collateral until the end of settlements on the final net obliga...
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