Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Central Bank of the Russian Federation bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
KOBR-13900,000,000 pcs.RUB 1000.02%
KOBR-12900,000,000 pcs.RUB 1000.02%
KOBR-28800,000,000 pcs.RUB 1000.02%
KOBR-11800,000,000 pcs.RUB 1000.01%
KOBR-10800,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.990.01%
KOBR-9800,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.990.01%
KOBR-29700,000,000 pcs.RUB 1000.03%
KOBR-8700,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.980.01%
KOBR-27700,000,000 pcs.RUB 1000.02%
KOBR-32700,000,000 pcs.RUB 1000.03%
General information
Company nameCentral Bank of the Russian Federation
SectorFinancials / Diversified Financials / Diversified Financial Services / Specialized Finance
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