Water supply concessions Saratov

The company "Water Supply Concessions - Saratov" was established in September 2015 to implement a project for the creation and reconstruction of the cold water supply and wastewater disposal system on the territory of the municipal formation "Saratov City" on the basis of a concession agreement.

Water supply concessions Saratov bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
LLC KVS 022,920,000 pcs.--
LLC KVS B0-012,000,000 pcs.100%9.43%
LLC KVS 011,150,000 pcs.100%10.50%
General information
Company nameWater supply concessions Saratov
SectorUtilities / Utilities / Multi-Utilities / Multi-Utilities
Business addressRossiyskaya Federaciya, Saratovskaya oblast, g. Saratov
Mailing address410028, Saratovskaya oblast, g. Saratov, ul. Sovetskaya, d. 10
CEOZhuravlev Sergey Aleksandrovich
Phone(8452) 26-04-53
Information disclosuree-disclosure.ru