Setl Group

Setl Group is a Russian diversified company operating in the segment of development, construction, brokerage and consulting in the field of residential and commercial real estate in Russia and abroad. Setl Group is one of the largest financial and industrial companies in the Northwest region of Russia. The head office is in St. Petersburg.

Setl Group bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
Setl-Grupp BO 002P-03 (RUB)12,000,000 pcs.98.6%13.88%
Setl-Grupp BO 002P-01 (RUB)10,000,000 pcs.95.32%14.39%
Setl-Grupp BO-001P-03 (RUB)7,500,000 pcs.99.98%0.48%
Setl-Grupp BO 001P-04 (RUB)7,500,000 pcs.94.43%13.94%
Setl-Grupp BO 002P-02 (RUB)5,500,000 pcs.93.64%13.99%
Setl-Grupp BO-001P-02 (RUB)5,000,000 pcs.99.99%0.04%
Setl-Grupp BO-001P-01 (RUB)5,000,000 pcs.99.99%0.03%
General information
Company nameSetl Group
SectorIndustrials / Capital Goods / Construction & Engineering / Construction & Engineering
Business addressSankt-Peterburg, Moskovskiy pr., 212
Mailing address196066, Sankt-Peterburg, Moskovskiy pr., d. 212, lit. A, ofis 3094, vhod 111N, pomeschenie 12
CEOIzak Yan Leonidovich