Bond UniService Capital 02K

UniService Capital 02K stock price chart
Bond description
UniService Capital 02K
Nominal volume
Placed volume
Date of listing
Bond type
Maturity date
Lot size
1 pcs.
Face value
RUB 10,000
Is substitute
Registration number
ISIN code
Yield calculation
Bond: UniService Capital 02K
Face value: RUB 10,000
Price: 0.00% of face value = RUB 0
Broker commission, by default 0.057%: RUB 0 * 0.057% = RUB 0
Accrued interest: RUB 0
You will pay: RUB 0 + RUB 0 + RUB 0 = RUB 0 for 1 pcs.
By maturity date (in 0 days) you will receive coupons (inclusive of taxes 13%) RUB 1,919.26, as well as the body of the bond net of tax from the redemption of the bond RUB 8,700 total: RUB 10,619.26
Your profit* for all time will be: RUB 10,619.26 - RUB 0 = RUB 10,619.26 or 0.00% per annum.
* Provided that the last known coupon remains unchanged
Coupon payment schedule