APRI is the largest regional developer of residential property and a leader in the Chelyabinsk Region's construction industry in terms of housing construction. Specialises in housing construction projects within the framework of integrated territory development.

APRI dividend policy

The Company intends to allocate 25% to 50% of IFRS net profit to dividends.

APRI bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
APRI FP BO-002P-02 (RUB)1,000,000 pcs.94.9%17.20%
APRI FP BO-002P-03 (RUB)750,000 pcs.99.31%18.18%
APRI Fly Planning BO-P04 (RUB)500,000 pcs.99.95%0.02%
APRI Fly Planning AO 05 (RUB)500,000 pcs.92.3%14.08%
APRI FP BO-002P-01 (RUB)500,000 pcs.98.61%18.03%
APRI Fly Planning BO-P05 (RUB)500,000 pcs.100.03%15.92%
APRI Fly Planning BO-P03 (RUB)400,000 pcs.100%0.03%
APRI Fly Planning BO-P02 (RUB)300,000 pcs.99.85%-0.04%
APRI FP BO-002P-04 (RUB)250,000 pcs.103.15%18.95%
APRI Fly Planning BO-P01 (RUB)200,000 pcs.99.92%-0.01%
APRI news
Developer APRI plans to start collecting applications for participation in IPO on July 22. Company intends to float 5-10% of the shares. Price range will be ₽8.8-9.7 per share, which corresponds to a capitalization of ₽10-11 billion. Start of trading is scheduled for July 30.
General information
Company nameAPRI
SectorReal Estate / Real Estate / Real Estate Management & Development / Real Estate Development
Business addressChelyabinsk, ul. Kirova, dom 159, ofis 909
Mailing address454091, Chelyabinskaya oblast, g. Chelyabinsk, ul. Kirova, dom 159, ofis 909
CEOSavchenkov Vladimir Vasilevich
Phone+7 (351) 2469004
Information disclosuree-disclosure.ru