Coke is one of the largest producers and exporters of metallurgical coke in Russia with the production capacity of 3 million tonnes of coke per year. It is a town-forming enterprise, which is the firstborn of Kuzbass industrial industry. It is located in the city of Kemerovo - the capital of Kuzbass. The products of the plant are exported to India, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Ukraine and other countries.

Koks bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
KOKS PJSC BO-05 (RUB)5,000,000 pcs.--
KOKS PJSC BO-05 (RUB)5,000,000 pcs.100%0.09%
IMH Capital DAC 23/09/25 (RUB)350,000 pcs.--
Share capital structure of Koks
Koks news
The shareholders of Cox decided not to pay dividends for 2019.
General information
Company nameKoks
SectorMaterials / Materials / Metals & Mining / Diversified Metals & Mining
Business address650021, g. Kemerovo, ul. 1-aya Stahanovskaya, d.6
Mailing address650021, g. Kemerovo, ul. 1-aya Stahanovskaya, d. 6
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