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Traded on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange
TCS Group Holdings is the parent holding company of the Russian bank "Tinkoff Bank". "Tinkoff Bank" (until January 1, 2015 "Tinkoff Credit Systems") - a Russian commercial bank, focused entirely on remote service, has no retail branches. The bank's headquarters are located in Moscow. Since March 2018, the bank has been licensed as a professional market participant and provides brokerage and custody services under its brand.
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TCSG:RMTCS Group Holding GDRDepositary receipt-US87238U2033RUB 2,105

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NameIssue sizePriceYield
TKS Bank BO-12---
TKS Bank BO-04---
TKS Bank BO-06---
Tinkoff Bank BO 001P-02R10,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.7913.52%
Tinkoff Bank BO 001P-03R10,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.957.19%
Tinkoff Bank BO-P01-01R5,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.87-0.13%
Tinkoff Bank BO-073,000,000 pcs.RUB 1000.07%
TCS Finance DAC UNDT600,000 pcs.--
TCS Finance DAC 9.25 01/01/111300,000 pcs.--
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TCS Group Holdings news
Social network Pulse will celebrate its three-year anniversary in the virtual space Tinkoff Pulse Park metavirtual universe Decentraland. Main event of celebration will be the first concert of the Russian artist Mikhail Shufutinsky in meta-universe. He will perform on September 2 at 16:00 Moscow time and on September 3 at 18:00 Moscow time. In addition, for...
TCS Group's net income in first half of the year is at its lowest level in 5 years. Absolute figure was not disclosed, but the company notes that it remained profitable in both quarters of 2022. Net interest income rose 30.8% to ₽52.2 billion from ₽39.9 billion a year earlier.
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Dzerzhinskiy court of Perm obliged Tinkoff Bank to return to the client a profit of ₽1.3 million, gained on "erroneous" currency exchange operations. At the end of February 2022 in the application of the bank appeared a way of profitable exchange of currencies. If you exchanged rubles for pounds, then pounds for U.S. dollars, and those back into rubles, you...
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Broker Tinkoff Investments bought back frozen assets of its mutual fund for ₽0.5 billion. It is about fund Tinkoff Perpetual Portfolio USD, in which assets of more than 450 thousand clients were blocked. With the proceeds of the fund acquired similar securities that have no restrictions on circulation. Trading units of the fund will resume today, which will...
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