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VTB Bank is one of the leading universal banks of Russia. It is the second largest bank in the country in terms of assets and the first in terms of authorized capital. The main office of the bank is in Moscow, and the bank is incorporated in St. Petersburg.
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VTB is launching a new oil trading business. Bank intends to provide a full cycle of services that are usually provided by oil traders: financing of petroleum product stocks, provision of temporary leverage, logistics and delivery of goods to the location. It is also planned to create stocks of petroleum products and ensure their storage. A local oil trading...
VTB plans to start providing brokerage services to legal entities in 2024. Bank sees strong demand for brokerage products from corporate clients and intends to provide them with the opportunity to place free funds through repo transactions, trade securities and hedge currency risks with futures contracts on the Moscow Exchange. In addition, VTB will offer le...
VTB will return to the discussion of dividend payments as it restores capital and will focus on the distribution of 50% of profits, said the president of the state-owned bank Andrei Kostin. This will happen not earlier than 2026, when the bank may consider paying dividends based on 2025 results.
VTB plans to increase its office network by 40% over the next three years and to enter new territories for the bank, said Georgy Gorshkov, Deputy Chairman of the Bank's Management Board. VTB also plans to expand its courier staff by 1.5 times next year to make banking services more accessible to retail customers. Bank's goal is to double the coverage of phys...
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Company nameVTB Bank
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