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VTB Bank is one of the leading universal banks of Russia. It is the second largest bank in the country in terms of assets and the first in terms of authorized capital. The main office of the bank is in Moscow, and the bank is incorporated in St. Petersburg.
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VTBR:RMVTBCommon shareRUB 0.01RU000A0JP5V6RUB 0.05376

VTB Bank bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
Bank VTB KS-3-3475,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.980.01%
Bank VTB KS-3-4175,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.94-0.00%
Bank VTB KS-3-3075,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.980.01%
Bank VTB KS-3-20975,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.980.01%
Bank VTB KS-3-17175,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.980.01%
Bank VTB KS-3-23275,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.940.00%
Bank VTB KS-3-5175,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.94-0.00%
Bank VTB KS-3-2675,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.94-0.00%
Bank VTB KS-3-25075,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.980.02%
Bank VTB KS-3-7275,000,000 pcs.RUB 99.980.01%
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VTB Bank news
VTB's RAS net income for 11M 2021 was ₽238.5bn, up 4.5 times from ₽52.9bn in the previous year. Net interest income rose 26.9% to ₽544.3 billion from ₽429 billion a year earlier.
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Wildberries and VTB will launch contactless payment service VTB Pay. At the first stage, only current clients of the bank will be able to use the service. Starting next year, clients of other banks will be able to open an account. According to the companies' forecasts, up to 4 million people will use VTB Pay during the year.
VTB Capital Investments plans to launch a new personal investment advisory service with a relatively low entry threshold early next year, making this service accessible to a wide range of investors. Increased accessibility of personal investment advisory services will be achieved by automating most processes.
VTB and Moscow Exchange are planning to launch carbon trading in 2022, said Andrey Kostin, head of the state bank. The partners intend to join forces to form a regulatory framework and requirements for the sale of greenhouse gas emission allowances as well as green certificates to reduce Russia's carbon footprint.
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Company nameVTB Bank
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SectorFinancials / Banks / Banks / Diversified Banks
Business addressG SANKT-PETERBURG, UL B MORSKAYa, 29
Mailing addressul. Voroncovskaya, d.43, str.1, g. Moskva, 109147
CEOKostin Andrey Leonidovich
Phone8-495-775-54-54 (вн. 114-546)
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