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CarMoney is a fintech company in the field of consumer lending. The company provides loans secured by a car or special equipment in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don and many other regions of Russia. It has representative offices in 53 regions of Russia.
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Report period2020 2021 2022 Q3 23
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Report period2020 2021 2022 Q3 23 TTM
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Report period2020 2021 2022 Q3 23 TTM

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Report period2020 2021 2022 Q3 23 TTM
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It is planned to allocate from 25% to 50% of net profit according to RAS to pay dividends. The dividend per preferred share is equal to the dividend per common share.
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Number of periods: 4
Report periodQ123Q223Q323Q423
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SmartTechGroup (CarMoney) shares

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CARM:RMCarMoneyCommon shareRUB 1RU000A105NV2RUB 2.335

SmartTechGroup (CarMoney) bonds

NameIssue sizePriceYield
MFC CarMoney 02 (RUB)---
MFC CarMoney 01 (RUB)400,000 pcs.--
MFC CarMoney 01 (RUB)400,000 pcs.97.97%12.56%
KarMani B-1-1 (RUB)300,000 pcs.100.01%0.05%
KarMani B-1-2 (RUB)300,000 pcs.100.06%0.15%
KarMani B-1-2 (RUB)300,000 pcs.--
MFC CarMoney 02 (RUB)274,622 pcs.104.48%9.13%
MFC CarMoney BO-1-03 (RUB)250,000 pcs.99.99%0.04%
Share capital structure of SmartTechGroup (CarMoney)
SmartTechGroup (CarMoney) news
CarMoney's issuance volume in 2023 reached a 4-year high of 3.747 billion, up 22.2% from ₽3.066 billion a year earlier. Average auto loan check rose 16.1% to ₽321k. Share of new customers increased 5 p.p. to 65%. Loan portfolio grew 10.1%, to ₽4.869 billion. Number of active loans at the end of the period totaled 40.8 thousand, up 79.7%.
Board of Directors of SmartTech Group has decided to establish Smart Horizon LLC, which will be engaged in selling software solutions and technologies to B2B clients. This is a promising direction, which promises a significant growth in the client base, revenue and profit of the group already in the next three years, the company notes.
Bank of Russia has approved the candidacy of Elena Yashina for the position of CEO of LLC MFK KarMani. Appointment will take effect from January 16, 2024. Previously, LLC MFK KarMani was headed by Anna Kalugina, who moved to the position of CEO of PJSC STG.
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CarMoney was the first microfinance company to issue digital financial assets. Placement took place on the Tokeon platform. Amount of the issue amounted to ₽40 million, with a circulation period of three months. Tokens are analogous to bonds with a short maturity and a fixed coupon of 18% per annum.
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Company nameSmartTechGroup (CarMoney)
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Business address119019, g. Moskva, ul. Vozdvizhenka, d. 9, str. 2, pom. 1
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