Stock market news

Lenta logo 26.11.21

Moscow Exchange has included Lenta's ordinary shares in the "First Level" section of the list of securities.
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Jacobson Pharma logo 26.11.21
Jacobson Pharma

The Jacobson Pharma Board of Directors announced a semi-annual dividend of HK$0.012 per share. The last day to buy securities to receive the dividend is December 8, 2021. The annual dividend yield may reach 4.73%.
Softline logo 26.11.21

Credit Suisse Bank's stabilization manager partially exercised the additional placement option, receiving 88,062 Softline GDRs at $7.5 per security. Taking into account the partial exercise of the option, the total number of securities placed by the company amounted to 53,421,396.
Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works logo 26.11.21
Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works

Shareholders of Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works approved dividends for 9 months 2021 in the amount of ₽13.33 per ordinary share. The last day of purchase of securities to receive dividends is December 3, 2021. Dividend yield may amount to 6.12%.
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Ocugen logo 26.11.21

The FDA has suspended clinical trials of BBV152, the COVID-19 vaccine from Ocugen known outside the United States under the brand name COVAXIN. The regulator will report specific trial shortcomings and instructions on how to correct them at a later date.
Aeroflot logo 26.11.21

Aeroflot will attract a credit line from Sberbank with a limit of up to ₽46 billion for 5 years against government guarantees. The corresponding decision was made by the company's Board of Directors. The credit line will be used for core production activities and/or capital investments, as well as for refinancing of other Sberbank loans.
Jacobson Pharma logo 26.11.21
Jacobson Pharma

Jacobson Pharma's IFRS net income for 6M 2022 fiscal year was HK$82.859 million, down 26.3% from HK$112.453 million in the previous year. Revenue increased 7.9% to HK$750.413 million from HK$695.425 million a year earlier.
Pinduoduo logo 26.11.21

Pinduoduo's GAAP net income for 9M 2021 was CN¥1.149 billion, compared with a loss of CN¥5.803 billion in the previous year. Revenue doubled to CN¥66.719 billion from CN¥32.944 billion a year earlier.
Tesla logo 26.11.21

Tesla has withdrawn its application for government funding to build a battery plant in Brandenburg, a spokesman for the German economy ministry said. Tesla was expected to receive €1.14 billion from the EU. The company itself has yet to comment.
Uber Technologies logo 26.11.21
Uber Technologies

Court of Appeal of Brussels has banned cab drivers without the appropriate license. This category includes drivers working through Uber app. The court also fined Uber €300,000 on a complaint from Taxis Verts, a Brussels-based cab service. Uber is calling on its 2,000 drivers to sign a petition demanding that they be allowed to continue providing cab services...
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