MOEX Group (Moscow Exchange)

Moscow Exchange is the largest exchange group in Russia. It operates trading markets in equities, bonds, derivatives, the foreign exchange market, money markets and precious metals. The Moscow Exchange Group also operates Russia's central securities depository (National Settlement Depository) and the country's largest clearing service provider (National Clearing Centre).
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The volume of trading on the money market, trillion ₽
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MOEX:RMMoscow ExchangeCommon shareRUB 1RU000A0JR4A1RUB 103.3
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MOEX Group (Moscow Exchange) news
Authorities plan to simplify the access of investors and companies from friendly countries to the Russian stock market. It is planned to improve tax conditions for foreigners, including in the area of remote identification. There are also plans to develop the issuance of securities in Russian jurisdiction by foreign companies. The Russian market will be most...
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Deputies from the faction Just Russia - For Truth carried to the State Duma a bill On Deoffshorization. Document stipulates that all assets located in Russia, owned by legal entities registered in offshore jurisdictions as of the date of signing the law, or managed by such legal entities, shall be transferred to the state in accordance with the procedure est...
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Owners of depositary receipts of Russian issuers and other Russian securities, the rights to which were accounted for in foreign depositories, at the end of 2022 received local securities worth ₽1.36 trillion. 37.7% of them were OFZ. At the same time, 47% of the securities were received by residents. Friendly non-residents accounted for 34% of transferred se...
Moscow Exchange has updated its guide to ESG practices for issuers. In new version of the guide covers the carbon trading market, which started operating in Russia in 2022. Guide provides detailed instructions on how to prepare for the issuance of ESG instruments. In addition, a new aspect of sustainable development of companies through the maintenance of bi...
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Company nameMOEX Group (Moscow Exchange)
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