MOEX Group (Moscow Exchange)

Moscow Exchange is the largest exchange group in Russia. It operates trading markets in equities, bonds, derivatives, the foreign exchange market, money markets and precious metals. The Moscow Exchange Group also operates Russia's central securities depository (National Settlement Depository) and the country's largest clearing service provider (National Clearing Centre).
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The minimum level of the share of profit allocated to the payment of dividends is 60% of the net profit according to IFRS for the reporting year. The company pays dividends once a year.
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Number of periods: 6
Report periodMar23Apr23May23Jun23Jul23Aug23
The volume of trading on the money market, trillion ₽
Total volume of trades, trillion ₽
Trading volume on the foreign exchange market, trillion ₽
Trading volume on the futures market, trillion ₽
Trading volume on the precious metals market, bln. rub.
Trading volume on the stock market, trillion ₽

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MOEX:RMMoscow ExchangeCommon shareRUB 1RU000A0JR4A1RUB 172.5

MOEX Group (Moscow Exchange) expected events

18.10.2023 19:00
Important economic events
Moscow Exchange decided to exclude shares of United Credit Systems from the list of securities admitted to trading from October 18, 2023. The basis was the company's application.Pictogram of
Share capital structure of MOEX Group (Moscow Exchange)
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Bank of Russia has determined the procedure for the automatic conversion of depositary receipts of quasi-Russian companies in the event that they obtain the status of an international company in a Russian jurisdiction. Procedure will affect only securities the rights to which are accounted for by Russian depositaries. Decisions on redomiciliation to Russia w...
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President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree under which Russian owners of foreign securities will be paid compensation for income not received due to the freezing of their assets. Russians will be compensated for unreceived coupons and dividends on foreign investments at the expense of foreign investors' funds in "I" accounts. These accounts hold money that...
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Moscow Exchange intends to connect to all platforms for issuing digital financial assets, said Chairman of the Exchange's Supervisory Board Sergei Shvetsov at the Capital markets: Russia forum. This will provide clients with access to all instruments that will be public on these platforms. According to him, this CFA market will develop harmoniously and there...
In August accounts on Moscow Exchange were opened by 422 thousand investors, and their total number reached 26.81 million people. Last month, 3.4 million private investors made transactions, which became the maximum value in the history of exchange trading. Their share in the trading volume of shares amounted to 82.7%, bonds - 36.1%, on the spot currency mar...
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Company nameMOEX Group (Moscow Exchange)
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